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HE-1 "Transcriptional Genomics, Proteomics, Metabonomics and Bioinformatics Investigations for Organ-Specific Response to Low-Level Toxic Compounds"


HE-2 "Programmable Gene Expression"
HE-3 "Stem Cell in Vitro Chemical Toxicity Models"
HE-4 "Network-Centric Warfare: Information-Device Interface Consistency"
HE-5 "Nanobioeffects"
HE-6 "Visual Display Interfaces for Use with Automatic Target Recognition"
HE-7 "Numerical Studies on Enhanced Nonlinear Visual Target Detection System"
HE-8     "Work Centered  Software Engineering"
HE -9   "Cognitive  Performance in Dynamic Environments"
HE-10 "3-D Human Modeling of the Occupant and Seat Interface"
IF-1 "Fundamentals of Human-Centered Collaborative Decision Making and Support"
IF-2 "Computer-Aided Design Tools for Mapping Embedded Command and Control System Data"
IF-3 "Morphable Bio-Inspired Systems for Information Extraction and Biocomputing"
ML-1 "Electronic Transport in Semiconductors"
ML-2 "Molecular-Beam-Epitaxial Crystal Growth and Characterization"
ML-3 "Wavelength Conversion Nonlinear Optical Materials" [email protected]
ML-4 "Organometallic Chromophores"
ML-5 "Mid-Infrared Nonlinear Optics"
ML-6 "Synthesis and Properties of Novel Molecular and Polymeric Materials"
ML-7 "Molecular and Polymeric Materials: Modeling and Synthesis"
ML-8 "Surface Phenomenon and Tribology"
ML-9 "Nano- and Meso-Structured Polymeric Materials and Composites"
ML-10 "High Cycle Fatigue Behavior and Materials"
ML-11 "Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Metals and Composites"
ML-12 "Behavior of Chromated Coatings and Development of Multifunctional Aircraft Coating Systems"
ML-13 "Ceramic Composites for High-Temperature Structural Applications"
ML-14   "Coupled Chemo-Rheological  Life Prediction for Structural Polymer Matrix Composites and Resins in Aggressive Environments"
ML-15   "Photonic Materials Engineering"
ML-16    "Chemical and Oxidative Aging of High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites"
ML-17 "Mechanics of Nano-composites, Novel Reinforcements and Material Forms of Composites"
ML-18   "Theory and Computation for the Design of Molecular/Nanomaterials"  
ML-19    "Development of Computational and or Experimental Tools for Structure Health Monitoring of Materials in Harsh Environments"    


PR-1 "Development of Magnetic Nanomaterials for Power Applications"

PR-2 "Development of Advanced Polymer Electrolytes for Fuel Cell Systems"
PR-3 "Transient Magnetic Field Measurements on an Aircraft Fuselage-Like Platform"
PR-4 "Volatile Particle Measurements"
PR-5 "Terahertz Radiation ("T-Ray") Technologies for Propulsion-Diagnostics Applications"
PR-6 "Computational Turbine Engine Exhaust Plume Modeling Improvements"
PR-7 "Large Eddy Simulation Techniques for Studying Turbulent Combustion"
PR-8 "Pulsed Detonation Propulsion Research"
PR-9 "CFD on Leading Edge Film Cooling with Pulsed Coolant Flow"
PR-10 "Thin-Film Gauge Development"
PR-11 "Low Reynolds Number Turbine Testing"
PR-12   "Structural Dynamics of Turbomachine Components"


SN-1 "Visual Display Interfaces for Use with Automatic Target Recognition Algorithms"
SN-2 "Attack Metrics and Statistics"
SN-3 "Novel Computing Architectures"
SN-4 "Sparse Aperture Scene Reconstruction and Visualization"
SN-5 "Intelligent Sensing and Control for Autonomous Vehicles"
SN-6 "Odor-Based Guidance and Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicles"
SN-7 "Biologically Inspired Autonomous Vehicle"
SN-8 "Non-GPS Precision In-Door and Out-Door Navigation"
SN-9 "An Integrated Location and Physiology Monitoring and Processing System"
SN-10 "Navigation Using Optical Tracking of Objects at Unknown Locations"
SN-11 "Rapid Automatic Target Recognition through Assisted Sensor Fusion"
SN-12   "Development of TeraHertz Emission Sources and Detectors"
VA-1 "Durable Structures for Aerospace Vehicles Operating in Combined, Extreme Environments"
VA-2 "Control of Airbreathing Hypersonic Vehicles"
VA-3 "Translational and Rotational Temperature Measurements in Nonequilibrium Flows"
VA-4 "MHD Control of Plasma Flows: Surface Plasma Discharges for Flow Control"
VA-5 "Trim Analysis of Hypersonic Vehicles Considering Aerothermoelastic Effects"
VA-6 "Grid-Adaptive Methods for Hypersonic Flows"
VA-7 "Flow Control Design via Reduced-Order CFD"
VA-8 "Analysis and Simulation of Morphing Aircraft Structures"
VA-9 "Modeling of Flow Control Devices for System Analysis and Design"
VA-10 "Dynamic Distortion Prediction for Offset Inlet Systems"
VA-11 "Development of Finite-Volume Time-Domain Electromagnetic Solver for Simulating Dispersive Scattering over Complex Shapes"
VA-12 "Risk Quantified Structural Evaluation of Advanced Structural Concepts"

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