AFRL/DAGSI Ohio Student-Faculty Engineering Research Fellowship Program


2005 Research Topics

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HE-1 "Establish an Efficient Large-Linked Database for Epidemiological Studies"
HE-2 "Conduct Statistical Analyses of Large-Linked Database for Epidemiological Research" l
HE-3 "Spoken Language Processing"

HE-4 "Voice Communication Effectiveness Monitor for Netcentric Command and Control"
HE-5 "Formal UML Specification Development for Work Support Technologies"
HE-6 "Smart Automatic Jettisoning Device for Helmet Mounted Display Systems"
HE-7 "Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Occupant and Seat Interface"
HE-8     "Integrated Auditory Motion Cues for Dynamic Information Displays"
HE -9   "Influence of Avatars on Distributed Group Decision-Making"
HE-10 "Operator Functional State Real-Time Sensor and Classifier Development"
IF-1 "Optical Hybrid Processing"
ML-1 "Nanomodified Resin Processing for Aerospace Polymer Matrix Composites"
ML-2 "Development of Advanced Terahertz Imaging Systems"
ML-3 "Morphing Materials for Aircraft Structures"
ML-4 "Nanocomposites for Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites"
ML-5 "Fusion Bonding of Semiconductor Materials, Structures and Devices"
ML-6 "High Resolution X-Ray Characterization of Fusion Bonded Semiconductor Materials and Structures"
ML-7 "High Resolution X-Ray Characterization of Antimonide Based Strained Layer Superlattice Materials and Structures"
ML-8 "High Resolution X-Ray Characterization of Quantum Dot Materials and Structures"
ML-9 "Development of Integrated Sensing Concepts for Thermal Protection Materials/Structures"
ML-10 "Carbon/Carbon Composites for Thermal Protection Systems"
ML-11   "Photonic Materials Engineering"
ML-12 "Behavior of Chromated Coatings and Development of Multifunctional Aircraft Coating Systems"
ML-13 "Evaluation of High Temperature Materials in Combustion Environments"


PR-1 "In-Situ Characterization of Combustor Performance in Supersonic Flows using Laser-Based Diagnostics"
PR-2 "Development of a Numerical Model to Predict Shock-Tube Flowfield and Ignition for Millisecond Ignition Delays"
PR-3 "Design and Analysis of a Variable Geometry Scramjet Flowpath for Space Access Applications"
PR-4 "Generalized Reactive Riemann Solver Methods for Sub-Scale Interface Dynamics in Evaporation, Combustion and Ablation Fronts"

PR-5 "Development of Magnetic Naomaterials for Power Applications"
PR-6 "Structural Dynamics & Mechanics of Turbomachinery Components"
PR-7 "Transient Magnetic Field Measurements on an Aircraft Fuselage-Like Platform"
PR-8 "Development of a Hybrid RANS/LES Turbulence Model for Turbomachinery CFD Simulations"
PR-9 "Longer Length Carbon Nanotubes for Electric Power Applications"

PR-10 "Enhanced Superconductors and Growth Diagnostics for Lightweight Power Systems"
PR-11 "Fuels Topology Mapping: Sensor and Model Development for Fuel Property Prediction"


SN-1 "Simulation Methods for Unsupervised Segmentation, and Classification of Targets, within Hyperspectral Image Cubes"
SN-2 "User Aided Multimodal Target Recognition"
SN-3 "Information Fusion Performance Assessment"
SN-4 "Distributed Multitarget Tracking Sensor Management"
SN-5 "3-D Ladar Recognition Performance Prediction"
SN-6 "Single Pass Three Dimensional SAR Imagery with a Single Phase Center"
SN-7 "Smart Sensor Technology"
SN-8 "Geolocation for Ground Moving Targets with a Synthetic Aperture Radar"
SN-9 "Phenomenology Based Priorities for Sensor Architectures"
SN-10 "Symbolic Solution of the Method of Moments"
SN-11 "Machine Learning Systems for Identifying Anomalous Events"
SN-12   "RF/EO ATR and Tracking of Dismounts"
SN-13 "Parallelized Matrix Operation Speed Enhancement"

SN-14 "The Effects of Image or Data Compression of SAR Data on ATR Algorithms"

SN-15 "Multi-Channel RF Receiver/Exciter Systems"
SN-16 "Biologically Inspired Cooperative Autonomous Navigators for Intelligent Sensing"
SN-17 "An Integrated Location and Physiology Monitoring and Processing System"
SN-18 "Intelligent Sensing and Control for Autonomous Vehicles"
SN-19 "Precision In-Door and Out-Door Navigation using Existing Signals of Opportunity and Inertial Navigation Sensors"
SN-20 "Navigation using Optical Tracking of Objects at Unknown Locations"
SN-21 "Odor-Based Guidance and Navigation Systems for Autonomous Vehicles"
SN-22 "Separation of Static and Non-Static Ground Features using an Airborne Integrated Flash LADAR/IMU System"
SN-23 "Use of Flash LADAR for Aiding of Low-Cost IMU Navigator on Loitering Aerial Vehicles"
SN-24 "Use of Dual-Airborne Laser Scanner for IMU Aiding in Unknown Terrain Environments"
SN-25 "Optimization of Funding Balance Between Discovery Driven vs. Cost/Time/Integration Driven R&D"
SN-26 "Wireless (Mobile) Ad Hoc Network Intelligent Detection and Characterization"
SN-27 "Automatic Modulation Recognition Algorithms Applicable to Radar and Communication Signals"
SN-28 "Sparse Aperture Scene Reconstruction and Visualization"
SN-29 "Depth-of-Focus in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery"
SN-30 "Moving Target Indication Utilizing Synthetic Aperture Radar Waveforms"
SN-31  JUST ADDED 10/24/05 "Three-Dimensional, Wafer-Scale, W-band Array for Portable Close-in Sensing"
VA-1 "Risk Quantified Structural Design and Certification"
VA-2 "Flow Separation at Low Reynolds Number in Three Dimensional and Unsteady Flows"
VA-3 "Dynamic Distortion Prediction for Offset Inlet Systems"
VA-4 "Flow Control Design via Reduced-Order CFD"
VA-5 "Translational and Rotational Temperature Measurements in Nonequilibrium Flows"
VA-6 "Control of Airbreathing Hypersonic Vehicles"
VA-7 "Durable Structures for Aerospace Vehicles Operating in Combined, Extreme Environments"
VA-8 "Development of Virtual Trailing Edge Deflection Methodology and Optimal Scheduling for Minimum Induced Drag"
VA-9 "Analysis and Simulation of Morphing Aircraft Structures"
VA-10  JUST ADDED 10/17/05 "Flow Field Modification for Aero-Optics Applications using Shape Change"


DE-1 "Determining Aero-Optic Disturbances in Flight"
DE-2 "Aero-Optics Control Loop Architecture"

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