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2008 Research Topics

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HE08-1 "Occupational Risk Factors for Injury and Disability Among U.S. Air Force Personnel"
HE08-2 "Registration and Image Fusion Techniques of Multi-Spectral Sources Under Static and Dynamic Conditions"
HE08-3 "Spatial Audio Displays for Distributed Team Collaboration"
HE08-4 "Spoken Language Processing"

HE08-5 "Nanoengineering of Sensitive and Selective Luminescent Nanoprobes for Biological Applications"
HE08-6 "Digital Human Modeling for Information Mining and Visualization"
IF08-1 "Vision Based Cogent Confabulation for Automated Image and Video Analysis"  
IF08-2 "SimCUNE-Simulated Characterization of UAV Network Environments"
ML08-1 "Mitigation of Jamming Level Effects on Representative Air Force Sensor Systems"
ML08-2 "Bio-inspired, Multi-funcational Hybrid Material Systems"
ML08-3 "Growth and Characterization of Carbon Nanostructures on SiC"

ML08-4 "Nanostructured Materials for Tailored Thermal Conductivity Interfaces"





PR08-1 "Pulsed Detonation Propulsion Research"
PR08-2 "Experimental Approaches for Modeling and Predictive Capabilities of Creep and Thermal Mechanical Fatigue Behavior in Turbine Airfoils"
PR08-3 "In-situ Characterization of Combustor Performance in Supersonic Flows using Laster-Based Diagnostics"
PR08-4 "Development of a Numerical Model to Predict Shock-Tube Flowfield and Ignition for Millisecond Ignition Delays"

PR08-5 "Design and Analysis of a Variable Geometry Scramjet Flowpath for Space Access Applications"
PR08-6 "Generalized Reactive Riemann Solver Methods for Sub-Scale Interface Dynamics in Evaporation, Combustion and Ablation Fronts"

PR08-7 "Development of Magnetic Nanomaterials for Power Applications"
PR08-8 "Structured Dynamics and Mechanics of Turbomachinery Components"
PR08-9 "Transient Magnetic Field Measurements on an Aircraft Fuselage-Like Platform"
PR08-10 "Longer Length Carbon Nanotubes for Electric Power Applications"

PR08-11 "Enhanced Superconductors and Growth Diagnostics for Lightweight Power Systems"
PR08-12 "Solid Oxide Fuels for Military Applications"
PR08-13 "Fuels Topology Mapping: Sensor and Model Development for Fuel Property Prediction"


SN08-1 "Inter-Connecting Cellular Networks and Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks for Evolutionary Robust Military Communication Systems"
SN08-2 "Exploiting Close-In Sensing Layering for Efficient Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Characterization"
SN08-3 "Radar Signal Decomposition"
SN08-4 "Three-Dimensional Automatic Target Recognition"
SN08-5 "Waveform Diversity and Design"
SN08-6 "Radar Signal Processing using COTS Computer Architectures"
SN08-7 "Tomographic Radar Signal Processing"
SN08-8 "Architectures for Secure Semantic Sensor Networks for Multi-Layered Sensing"
SN08-9 "Design and Evaluation of Cross-Layered Protocol for Cognitive Networks"
SN08-10 "Method for Porting Signal Processing and Waveform Analysis Algorithms from MATLAB Code to FPGA Hardware"
SN08-11 "Sensor Exploitation via Intelligent, Context-Based Computing"
SN08-12   "Layered Sensor Resource Management"
SN08-13 "Layered Data Registration (Level 0 Fusion)"
SN08-14 "Dismount Tracking"
SN08-15 "Context Aided Tracking"
SN08-16 "Biologically Inspired Cooperative Autonomous Navigators for Intelligent Sensing"
SN08-17 "An Integrated Location and Physiology Monitoring and Processing System"
SN08-18 "Intelligent  Sensing and Control for Autonomous Vehicles"
SN08-19 "Precision In-Door and Out-Door Navigation using Existing Signals of Opportunity and Inertial Navigation Sensors"
SN08-20 "Navigation using Optical Tracking of Objects at Unknown Locations"
SN08-21 "Odor-Based Guidance and Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicles"
SN08-22 "Separation of Static and Non-Static Ground Features using an Airborne Integrated Flash LADAR/IMU System"
SN08-23 "Use of Flash LADAR for Aiding of Low-Cost IMU Navigator on Loitering Aerial Vehicles"
SN08-24 "Searching in High-Dimensional Spaces"
SN08-25 "HSI Simultaneous Tracking and Target Identification"
SN08-26 "Intent-Based Tracking and Target Identification"
SN08-27 "Signature Signal Processing Using Information Theory for Improved Radar Sensor Exploitation Systems"
SN08-28 "High Accuracy GPS Receiver Algorithms for Navigation"
SN08-29 "Situational Awareness for Emergency Response"
VA08-1 "Planning, Guidance and Control for Multiple UAV Cooperative Operations"
VA08-2 "Flow Control for Hypersonic Heat Inlets and Isolators"
VA08-3 Topic Removed  
VA08-4 "Development of Volume Integral Methodology for Accurate, Robust, and Efficient Drag Computation"

VA08-5 "Validation and Canonical Solutions for Implementing a Second Law Analysis in Systems-Engineering and Design Optimization"

VA08-6 "Development of a Predicitive Capability for Multidisciplinary Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis"

VA08-7 "Optimization of Z-Pinning Volume Fraction in Joints for Structural Integrity"
VA08-8 "Optimization Beam Systems with Geometric Non-Linearity"
VA08-9 "Benefits of Designing Structural Components Including Structural Health Management (SHM)"
VA08-10 "Structural Antenna Electromagnetics"
VA08-11 "Tools for Conceptual Design and Engineering Analysis of Micro Air Vehicles"
VA08-12 "Risk Quantified Structural Design"
VA08-13 "Design of Durable Aerospace Structures for Combined, Extreme Environments"

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