AFRL/DAGSI Research Program


DAGSI and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) have entered into a formal agreement to conduct basic research in aerospace technologies of interest to the United States Air Force and the State of Ohio.  A key goal of the program is to stimulate effective collaboration between Ohio academic research institutions and the AFRL.  Benefits of this interaction include increased utilization of AFRL facilities; greater Ohio faculty and student involvement in aerospace research at Wright-Patterson AFB; development of new linkages between Ohio's research institutions and the Air Force; and leverage of Ohio's research funding through "cost-free" use of Air Force resources.  Another major goal is to provide seed funding for research that may later receive follow-on funding from the Air Force and/or other external funding agencies.

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Information on participating in this program is provided on this web site, including a master schedule, instructions for submitting preproposals and proposals, contact points, and projects funded to date.

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