Student Support on Research Grants


Engineering faculty at UD, WSU, AFIT, OSU, and UC who are submitting collaborative proposals for sponsored research are encouraged to solicit a letter of commitment from DAGSI for support of graduate students participating on the project.  DAGSI will make this cost sharing opportunity available subject to the following criteria: 

Requests should be submitted to the DAGSI Director in writing at least three weeks prior to the proposal deadline.  The letter should clearly demonstrate that all criteria are met.  A copy of the grant proposal should accompany the letter.  The letter must be signed by the Principal Investigator and an authorized university representative.

Requests will be prescreened by the Director and reviewed by DAGSIís RESCAP (Research, Coordination, and Promotion) Committee.  Final approval will be made by the Executive Committee.  Review criteria, in addition to those outlined above, will include: 

Please contact DAGSI directly with any questions.