AFRL/DAGSI Ohio Student-Faculty Engineering Research Fellowship Program


The AFRL/DAGSI Ohio Student-Faculty Engineering Research Fellowship program, funded through DAGSI by the Ohio Board of Regents, supports graduate engineering students and engineering faculty who conduct research projects in areas targeted by the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.   

The key program objectives are:  

All projects will involve basic research in aerospace technologies and originate from research topic areas provided by the six AFRL Directorates with a presence at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio:  Air Vehicles (VA); Propulsion (PR); Sensors (SN); Materials and Manufacturing (ML); Human Effectiveness (HE); and Information (IF).

Graduate students and faculty from any of the eighteen members of the OBR's Research Officers Council (ROC) that have graduate engineering programs are eligible to participate.  ROC members include the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT); the University of Akron (UA); Bowling Green State University (BGSU); Central State University (CSU); the University of Cincinnati (UC); Cleveland State University (CSU); the University of Dayton (UD); Kent State University (KSU); Miami University (MU); The Ohio State University (OSU); Ohio University (OU); Shawnee State University (SSU); University of Toledo (UT); Wright State University (WSU); Youngstown State University (YSU); Medical College of Ohio; Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine; and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).

A student and a faculty member, working as a team, will submit a proposal in one of the target research areas.  Selection of proposals for funding will be made jointly between AFRL and DAGSI.  Participating students and faculty will work together with AFRL scientists and engineers, using AFRL facilities in addition to their university facilities, to conduct their research.  The AFRL is committed to providing significant on-site involvement and support to the academic participants.  Each student is required to spend a minimum of eight consecutive weeks conducting research at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Each faculty member is expected to spend at least one month conducting research at WPAFB.  This requirement helps foster strong linkages between Ohio 's academic research institutions and the Air Force.  The expectation is that most if not all students will use this research as the basis for their M.S. or Ph.D. dissertations.  

The application process

The Technical Directorates at AFRL/WPAFB will submit research topics to DAGSI for posting on the DAGSI web site.  Each topic will have a short (one or two paragraph) description, and a technical point of contact within the directorate will be identified.  Topics for the first research fellowship round will be posted by 9/15/04 .  Applications may be submitted any time between 10/15/04 and 1/31/05 .  Assuming state funding continues, proposals will be solicited at approximately the same time every year.

Application materials will include:  

Decisions will be made by March 15, 2005 .  

The DAGSI website will be kept up-to-date with the latest program information.


The award  





                 *those schools represented on the Ohio Board of Regents’ Research Officers Council  



Information on participating in this program will be provided on this web site.  Please check back over the next two months as the master schedule, the research topics, applications and instructions for developing and submitting proposals become available.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the DAGSI Director.


Please note:  as of August 18, 2004 , we are awaiting final approval from the state of Ohio to establish this program.  We fully anticipate moving forward; however, be aware that there is a small chance the program may change.  We will update the web site when more information becomes available.


Updated: 9/9/04

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