A major goal of the DAGSI scholarship program is to attract talented engineering graduate students who will choose to stay in the Dayton area for employment when they graduate.  For Fall Term 2001, 207 full tuition, new and renewing scholarships were awarded.  The scholarships are funded by the State of Ohio, under the Ohio Board of Regents.  Two general types of scholarships are available.


Full tuition, renewable scholarships are available for full or part time graduate study in any programs offered by the engineering and computer science schools of the DAGSI partners.  Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of past performance in academic programs and, if relevant, performance in the workplace.  A significant percentage of these awards is focused on attracting students to study and conduct research in technologies important to the regional economy.

The top Ph.D. applicants are eligible for assistantships (currently $15,000 per year).  Assistantships are awarded to full time students only.

Scholarships are awarded once a year, on or around April 1.  Automatic renewal for students who remain in good standing at their Home Institution is governed by the following schedule:

Masters program, full or part time: one renewal = two year award

Ph.D. program, full or part time: one renewal = two year award

Assistantship: two renewals = three year award

Any continuing student seeking funding beyond these term limits must reapply during the annual scholarship round.  Assistantships may be extended for a fourth year.  Tuition scholarships may be extended for a third or fourth year.  Separate application forms will be available for extension of support.  DAGSI does not guarantee funding beyond the established term limits.

More detail will be posted on this site at a later date.


1.  Select your Home Institution, the degree you expect to pursue (MS or Ph.D., full or part time), and your intended field of study (e.g., electrical engineering).

Click here for contacts and courses at DAGSI partner schools.

2.  Apply and be admitted to the Graduate Engineering School at your Home Institution.  DAGSI will not award scholarships to applicants who have not been admitted or received "Conditional Upon Graduation" admittance to their Home Institution.  Your application to graduate school is SEPARATE FROM, and should not be mailed with, the DAGSI competitive scholarship application.  Please note that the application process and deadline for admission varies with each school.  Follow the process established by your Home Institution.

3.  Print the DAGSI competitive scholarship application and complete it as instructed on the form.  Assemble your supporting documents and attach them to the completed form.

4.  Mail your application package DIRECTLY to the Dean of Engineering at your selected Home Institution.  Addresses are provided on the form.  Your application must be received by the due date (usually March 15; see Program Schedule) to be considered in the next scholarship round, for classes beginning Fall Term.

Competitive Scholarship Application Form

Competitive Scholarship Program Schedule 


Full tuition scholarships are available for up to two courses per term taken by a student outside his or her Home Institution.  These scholarships are intended to extend the benefit of the DAGSI partnership to students outside the full tuition program, enabling them to enrich their studies by taking classes at any member school.

Scholarships are available for courses that strengthen a student's program and/or are unavailable at the Home Institution.  The scholarships are available only to degree-seeking graduate engineering students at one of the DAGSI partner institutions.  Eligibility requirements are simply that the student is in good standing at his or her Home Institution.  The course (s) must be approved by the student's faculty advisor and subsequently by the Dean of the school of engineering at the student's Home Institution.  Awards are made on a first come/first serve basis until DAGSI funds allocated to each school for Program Enhancement are exhausted.

There is no formal application to submit for Program Enhancement scholarships.  The process is initiated by the student prior to class registration, in consultation with the faculty advisor.  The student fills out a DAGSI Add Form, available from the Registrar's Office at the Home Institution.  The advisor, in turn, consults with the Dean of Engineering.  The Dean will make the final decision, taking into consideration the overall goals of DAGSI, the availability of the desired course, the faculty advisor's recommendation, the student's justification, and the availability of funding.

Program Enhancement Scholarships are course-specific.  If a student wants to drop an already-approved course and sign up for a different one, he or she must fill out a DAGSI Drop Form and reapply for a scholarship through the faculty advisor and Dean.  Continuity of funding in this situation is not guaranteed.


Please note the following guidelines and criteria for the use of DAGSI tuition scholarship funds, taken from DAGSI Operating Procedure  OP-08.  These apply both to competitive tuition scholarships and program enhancement scholarships.

Click here for DAGSI operating procedures on competitive and program enhancement scholarships.

Questions?  Call us directly at (937) 781-4001, e-mail to , fax us at (937) 781-4005, or write to the Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute, 3155 Research Blvd. Ste. 205, Kettering OH 45420.



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