2002 AFRL/DAGSI Research Symposium Posters


Human Effectiveness (HE) Technologies

"Toxico-Genomics: Applications of DNA Microarrays in Toxicology", Dr. Mariana Moses, Wright State University. 

"Bioinformatic Support for Toxicogenomics", Dr. Brent D. Foy, Wright State University.

"Robotic Systems for On-Orbit Servicing", Dr. Janet Weisenberger, The Ohio State University.

"Command and Control of Remotely Piloted Vehicles", Dr. S. Narayanan, Wright State University.

"Pilot Spatial Orientation", Dr. Curtis H. Spenny, Air Force Institute of Technology.

"Biologically Inspired Self-Evolving Adaptive Interfaces for the Warfighter Mission", Dr. Craig Harvey, Wright State University.

"Adaptive Aiding Using Physiological Operator Functional State Assessment", Dr. Ling Rothrock, Wright State University.

Information (IF) Technologies

"Application Accelerating Reconfigurable Computer", Dr. Ranga Vemuri, University of Cincinnati.

"Content-Based 3D Information Compression for Real-Time and Signal Detection", Dr. Yuan F. Zheng, The Ohio State University.

Materials (ML) Technologies

"Predication and Control of Microstructure in Laser-Based Solid Freeform Fabrication of Aerospace Materials", Dr. Nathan W. Klingbeil, Wright State University.

"Critical Interfacial Issues for Emerging Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Polymer-Based Materials", Dr. Arthur J. Epstein, The Ohio State University.

"A Novel MEMS-Based, Combinational Chemistry Approach to Measure Interfacial Strengths in Advanced Materials", Dr. Peter M. Anderson, The Ohio State University.

"Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Liquid Crystal Structural Composites by Electron Beam Curing", Dr. Richard P. Chartoff, University of Dayton.

"Low-Voltage NLO Polymer Photonic", Dr. Perry Yaney, University of Dayton.

"Nondestructive Elaluation (NDE) Methods to Quantify Fretting Damage in Materials", Dr. Peter B. Nagy, University of Cincinnati.

"Development of a Novel Method for Evaluating Material Behavior Under Turbine Engine Operating Conditions", Dr. Herman Shen, The Ohio State University.

"Micro and Nano Scale Systems: The Tribology of Multifunctional Composite Coatings", Dr. David Rigney, The Ohio State University.

Propulsion (PR) Technologies

"Development of Controlled Chemically Reacting Fuels", Dr. James S. Ervin, University of Dayton.

"Studies of Non-Thermal Ignition Phenomena for Aerospace Applications", Dr. Igor V. Admovich, The Ohio State University.

"Development of Technologies for 'Smart-Nozzle' Applications", Dr. G.E. Pacey, Miami University.

"Flow Physics of Incomplete Combustion Product Interaction with Film Cooling", Dr. Paul D. Orkwis, University of Cincinnati.

"Passive and Active Control of Separated and Transitional Flows with Heat Transfer in Turbomachines", Dr. Karman Ghia, University of Cincinnati.

"Increased Fuel Penetration and Mixing Enhancement in Scramjet Engines", Dr. Ephraim J. Gutmark, University of Cincinnati.

"Electromagnetic Interferences by High Power Electric Pulses: Theoretical and Experimental Simulation and Analysis for Aerospace Airframes", Dr. Stephen A. Sebo, The Ohio State University.

Sensors (SN) Technologies

"Interferometric Radar Clutter Suppression", Dr. Michael A. Temple, Air Force Institute of Technology.

"Model-Based Object Recognition Using Multiple Sensor Modalities and Invariant Techniques", Dr. Kim Boyer, The Ohio State University.

"Hybrid Maxwell Solver for Wide-Band Radar Signature Prediction for LO Targets", Dr. Aihua Wood, Air Force Institute of Technology.

"Performance Assessment for Foliage Penetrating Radar Target Detection", Dr. Randy Moses, The Ohio State University.

"Mixed-Signal Modeling for System Level Simulation", Dr. Ranga Vemuri, University of Cincinnati.

"Prediction and Control of Aero-Optic Aberrations", Dr. Mo Samimy, The Ohio State University.

"Mid-Infrared Qunatum Well Opto-Electronic Devices", Dr. Robert L. Hengehold, Air Force Institute of Technology.

Air Vehicles (VA) Technologies

"Distributed Cooperation and Control for Autonomous Air Vehicles", Dr. Kevin Passino, The Ohio State University.

"Analytical Certification and Multidisciplinary Design", Lt Col Robert A. Canfield, Air Force Institute of Technology.

"Prediction of the Nonlinear Aeroelastic Behavior of a High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) Configuration Using High-Fidelity Multi-Disciplinary Analysis", Dr. Urmila Ghia, University of Cincinnati.

"Generation and Characterization of Stable, Weakly Ionized Air Plasmas in Hypersonic Flows", Dr. Igor V. Adamovich, The Ohio State University.

"Computational Aeroacoustics Applied to Active Flow Control in Weapons Bay", Dr. Awatef Hamed, University of Cincinnati.

"High Frequency, Inertial Subrange Excitation for Directed Energy, Weapon Bay, and Reacting Flow Applications", Dr. Mo Samimy, The Ohio State University.

"High Angle of Attack Flight Control of Delta Wing Aircraft Using Vortex Actuators", Dr. Ephriam J. Gutmark, University of Cincinnati.




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