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Announcing new awards in the AFRL/DAGSI Fellowship program.


The DAGSI scholarship program was not funded by Ohio for FY10/11. New applications for fellowships and scholarships will not be accepted in 2009/2010 unless another source of funding can be identified. The state did continue funding for the AFRL/DAGSI fellowship program. Please see the web site for details. Applications for the next round of AFRL/DAGSI fellowships are due 2/1/10.


DAGSI's budget situation for FY10 remains uncertain. However, given existing resources, we are moving forward with evaluating proposals in the AFRL/DAGSI program. Also, we will accept scholarship applications due March 15, 2009 for the coming academic year. We do not know for sure that we will make new awards. However, we are optimistic that we can identify resources to fund some new students for 2009/2010.


DAGSI was not funded in the Governor’s budget for FY10/11. We are doing all we can to reverse that decision. We have resources to maintain commitments to our current students; however, we do not know if we will be allowed to keep those resources beyond June 30, 2009. As soon as we know more, we will pass the information on.


Welcome to the new DAGSI web site. We hope you find it easy to navigate and informative. If you have any problems with it, or if you have comments or feedback, please contact the by email or phone at 937-781-4000.

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