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AFRL/DAGSI Challenge Grant

One of DAGSI’s major objectives is to support economic growth and development in Ohio. To encourage university-industry partnership, DAGSI has added a challenge grant to the AFRL/DAGSI Ohio Student-Faculty Research Fellowship program

Any AFRL/DAGSI project team that gets an Ohio company interested and involved in the work as a collaborative partner willing to invest money may receive up to $20,000 in matching funds from DAGSI (based on a one-to-one match). DAGSI funding will go to the project team through the university.

Examples of how the DAGSI challenge grant may be used include:

  • Support for an additional student on the project (the student must be enrolled at a DAGSI partner institution)
  • Special equipment vital to the project
  • Travel or publication expenses
  • Support for the AFRL/DAGSI faculty and/or student awardees to work in company facilities


  • Challenge grants may go to a new project or to a renewed project with at least 6 months remaining in the project year.
  • The company—at least the branch or division the team will be working with--must be located in Ohio.
  • If the challenge grant is used to fund additional students, they must be MS or Ph.D. level. US citizenship is not required if the additional student(s) do not work at AFRL.
  • Only one challenge grant may be awarded per project.
  • The maximum award is $20,000. Challenge grants do not renew for additional funding if and when the project is renewed for a second or third year.

Application Requirements

AFRL/DAGSI teams seeking a challenge grant should submit the following to the DAGSI office:

  • Proposal – The proposal should be an industry/university/government collaboration plan that augments the research plan already submitted to DAGSI. The proposal should be concise, no more than 3 pages of text. The plan should include a proposed budget for the grant money from both DAGSI and the company involved. The plan also should include a statement about the potential economic impact of the project to the company and to the state of Ohio.
  • Commitment letter from the company – The letter should confirm the company’s participation, identify a key co-investigator at the company, outline the plan of interaction with the university, and document the industry cost share. If relevant, an industry-university agreement on intellectual property should be included. The letter should be signed by a principal of the company.
  • AFRL acknowledgement – A brief, signed statement that the AFRL sponsor is aware of and supports the industry involvement should be included in the package.

Additional Requirements

  • DAGSI requests company approval that DAGSI may feature the collaboration as a success story for university/industry collaboration.
  • A company principal should submit a letter to the DAGSI Board at the close of the project, summarizing the value and benefits of the collaboration.
  • The university team should submit a short (5 pages maximum) summary of the work and results to DAGSI at the close of the project.

Please contact the DAGSI office with any questions.


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