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Program Changes Beginning in 2013

Please read all program information carefully, as there are critical changes impacting teams applying for new fellowships in 2013.

When the AFRL/DAGSI Student-Faculty Research Fellowship program began in 2005, the program benefited from a higher level of state funding than it receives today.  Also, DAGSI had unspent funds left over from the previous AFRL/DAGSI research program that ran from 1999 to 2003.  DAGSI was able to offer an average of 20 new awards annually for the first few years.  With the decline in state funding, depletion of earlier funds, increase of tuition expense, and need to raise stipends to remain competitive with other awards, DAGSI could commit to just 10 new awards with FY12 funding.  Unless some changes are made, that number will continue to decline at a time when the program is growing in popularity with AFRL and with Ohio universities.  DAGSI must ensure the program continues to be seen as providing both a high value to all stakeholders and a strong return on investment to Ohio.

Cost Share Requirement

Beginning in 2013, DAGSI will require a cost share commitment with each new fellowship award.  DAGSI will provide an annual maximum of $51,000 for a Doctoral-level award and a maximum of $43,500 for a Masters-level award.  The minimum cost share commitment is one-third of the DAGSI contribution ($17,000 and $14,500 respectively for the DAGSI maximum contributions).  Cost share may come from any university, industry, or AFRL or other allowable government source(s).  Refer to the Program Information and Requirements section for details, including constraints on allowable expenses.

Masters Awards: One Year Only, No Renewals

Beginning with the new awards in 2013, a Masters award no longer is eligible for a second year renewal of student tuition.  No-cost extensions are available, and rebudgeting proposals will be considered, but no additional funding beyond the one-year fellowship maximum commitment of $43,500 will be provided by DAGSI.

Note that Fellows with awards made prior to 2013 will continue under the old set of rules:  Ph.D. students may apply to renew their full award up to two times for a total of three years’ of support; M.S. students from 2012 may apply to renew for a second year of tuition only.

AFRL/DAGSI Cooperative Agreement: Cost Share by AFRL

In August of 2012, DAGSI and AFRL signed a Cooperative Agreement, “AFRL Collaborative Student-Faculty Research Program.”  This agreement allows for direct program cost share by AFRL through DAGSI.  Therefore, AFRL becomes a potential source for the required cost share commitment.  Prospective applicants should discuss this possibility with their topic sponsors.  AFRL also may opt to wholly support a project via the agreement.


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