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Reporting Requirements

Interim and Final Reports

A program requirement, addressed in the Grant Agreement between DAGSI and your university, is the submission of interim and final reports.

Interim Reports

The due date for interim reports is listed in the Program Schedule. The interim report has two parts, the first completed by the student and the second by the faculty member. Here is the requested format.

Research Project: Title, Topic Number, and Sponsor

Section I. Progress Summary (Student)

In no more than three pages of text, summarize your progress to date in two sections, Statement of the Problem and Progress to Date. In the first section, define the problem you are trying to solve and identify your research objectives. In the second section, summarize your progress to date. What tasks have been completed, and what are the results? What, if any, challenges or problems have you faced or are you facing? What is your plan for the remainder of the award year? Diagrams, figures, and tables may be added as necessary/desired.

Section II. Progress Summary (Faculty)

In no more than two pages of text, describe your involvement and work on the project, summarize the team’s progress, and provide your assessment—as the more experienced researcher on the team—of the current and future success of the research project. Diagrams, figures, and tables may be added as necessary /desired.

Please note that this interim report, together with input and feedback from AFRL, will serve as the basis for Ph.D. -level award renewals.

DAGSI wants reporting to be meaningful but not burdensome. Be concise, with thought and consideration put into the report. It is perfectly acceptable to use material from manuscripts, published papers, or the student’s dissertation if they provide the required information.

Final Reports

No written report is required. After the completion of each award year, DAGSI will organize project reviews in the Technical Directorates at AFRL. All teams having completed at least one full research year will present their work at that time. Completion of a Project Data Form will be required at the time of the review. Also, DAGSI requests receipt of a paper or electronic copy of the student’s dissertation, assuming the work was funded under the AFRL/DAGSI program.


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