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General Program Information

Prospective students as well as current scholarship students should review this information.

Program Scope

The following schools and colleges participate in the core DAGSI program:

  • The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT): Graduate School of Engineering and Management
  • The University of Dayton (UD): School of Engineering; Department of Computer Science
  • The Wright State University (WSU): College of Engineering and Computer Science

DAGSI is the entity through which masters- and doctoral-level students at each institution have access to engineering and computer science courses of study offered at any partner school. A student entering one of these institutions can apply for a DAGSI scholarship, can--and is encouraged to--cross-register for courses at one of the other partners, and may get involved in collaborative research with other institutions. All DAGSI students are graduate-level and must be degree-seeking. Graduate programs offered by the partner institutions are shown in the following table.

Degrees at DAGSI Partner Institutions

Level Masters of Science Ph.D. or D.E.
Aeronautical Engineering X     X    
Aerospace Engineering   X     X  
Applied Mathematics X     X    
Applied Physics X     X    
Astronautical Engineering X     X    
Biomedical Engineering          
Chemical Engineering   X        
Civil Engineering   X        
Computer Engineering/Science X   X X   X
Electrical Engineering X X X X X  
Electro-Optics X X   X X  
Environmental Engineering & Science X          
Engineering   X       X
Engineering Management  X X        
Engineering Mechanics   X        
Engineering Physics X     X    
Human Factors Engineering     X      
Industrial Engineering X          
Management Science   X        
Materials Engineering  X X X X X  
Mechanical Engineering   X X   X  
Nuclear Engineering X     X    
Operations Research X     X    
Space Operations X          
Systems Engineering X      X    

The Home Institution

DAGSI itself is not a degree-granting institution. Each graduate engineering student is enrolled at and will receive a degree from one partner institution, AFIT, UD, or WSU, referred to as the Home Institution. Each partner is fully accredited in its MS and Ph.D. programs. Typically the Home Institution is the school chosen initially by the student for his or her graduate program. However, it may be possible to change Home Institutions once enrolled in the program.

Following are rules and guidelines pertaining to the Home Institution concept:

  • The Home Institution is the school to which the DAGSI student is admitted and enrolled.
  • Each DAGSI student must meet all requirements of the Home Institution that would pertain to any other graduate student enrolled in a similar program.
  • The DAGSI member institutions have agreed to honor the standards, rules, regulations, and degree requirements of any partner chosen as the student's Home Institution.
  • Each DAGSI student must complete at least 50 percent of the courses in his or her approved program of study at the Home Institution. Some or all of the remaining courses may be completed at one or both of the other partner institutions and will be credited towards the degree sought. Click here for links to the partner school course offerings and here for the cross-registration form.
  • Thesis or dissertation credits always will be taken at the Home Institution, and the chairperson or principal advisor of the DAGSI student's advisory committee will be appointed from the faculty of the Home Institution. However, any member of the graduate faculty of DAGSI's partner institutions may be appointed as a full voting member to a thesis or dissertation committee.
  • The Home Institution will provide most of the technical and administrative support systems needed by the DAGSI student, including assignment of the student's advisory committee, development of an approved plan of study (including research, thesis, or dissertation requirements), maintenance of transcripts and other records, and granting of degrees.

Institutional Course Offerings and Requirements

Each DAGSI partner institution has its own course offerings, regulations, and requirements, which are listed in its graduate catalog and on its web site. General information concerning admission requirements, programs of study, credit hour requirements, academic performance standards, examinations, thesis and dissertation requirements, time limits, and the granting of degrees should be obtained directly from the schools. DAGSI students should use the course catalogs and web sites published by AFIT, UD, and WSU to identify institutional requirements, to select specific courses, and to develop an acceptable program of study and research involving other partner institutions. In developing a program of study, the DAGSI student will work with his or her assigned advisor at the Home Institution.

Administrative Considerations

Efficient operation of DAGSI requires cooperation and coordination among the administrative support offices at the partner institutions and between these offices and the DAGSI students. The three DAGSI partner institutions have developed administrative policies that strive to minimize inconvenience to students and maximize the available shared resource base.

How to Register for Classes at Home Institution and Partner Institutions

At the beginning of each term, the Registrar's and Bursar's Offices at all three partner institutions are provided with an updated list of DAGSI scholarship students. DAGSI students register as required for classes at their Home Institution. To take a class at a partner institution, the student must fill out a DAGSI Cross-Registration Form, available here, and submit it through his/her Home Institution. There is no need to register in person at the institution offering the class. The cross-registration form will be forwarded to the partner institution, which will ensure registration and the transfer of grades back to the Home Institution.

Quarter and Semester Hours Conversions

AFIT and WSU operate on a quarter hour system; UD operates on a semester hour system. For grade records, DAGSI converts the credit hours taken at a partner institution to their Home Institution equivalent according to the following formula:

1 semester hour = 1.5 quarter hour
1 quarter hour = 2/3 semester hour

This translation is automatically done through the student's Home Institution Registrar's Office, provided a DAGSI Cross-Registration Form was submitted.

The DAGSI Tuition Billing Process

DAGSI is billed automatically each term for a student's tuition. It is not uncommon for a student to receive a bill for classes taken at a partner institution. There may be fees included, which are the responsibility of the student. At times, however, tuition bills are mailed to students before DAGSI has reconciled its accounts and paid the institution. A student may disregard any tuition-only bills. Any DAGSI student receiving a second-notice bill for tuition should contact in the DAGSI Office to have this reconciled.

DAGSI Partner Information

Click on the following for contact points, course catalogs, and course schedules.

Air Force Institute of Technology Information

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The University of Dayton Information

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  • Course Catalog
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Wright State University Information

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