NOTE:  Please read the information below carefully.  As of January 2008, there are significant changes to the DAGSI scholarship program.  These changes will impact new applicants only, beginning with the 2008 scholarship competition.  Students already holding DAGSI scholarships will not be affected by the new rules.

The DAGSI scholarship program has two major objectives:

DAGSI scholarships are funded by the state of Ohio, under the Ohio Board of Regents.  Awards are made to top-ranking graduate students in engineering and related fields who enroll in programs at the graduate engineering schools of the Air Force Institute of Technology, the University of Dayton, or Wright State University.

Two general types of scholarships are available:  Competitive Tuition Scholarships and Program Enhancement Scholarships.


Tuition scholarships are available for full- or part-time M.S.- and Ph.D.-level graduate study in any program offered by the graduate engineering schools at the DAGSI partner institutions AFIT, UD, and WSU.  Scholarships are awarded once a year, in early April, for the following academic year beginning with the studentís choice of summer or fall term.  Each applicant is evaluated on research interests, academic merit, and, if relevant, on prior work experience and performance.  DAGSI will support a student for a maximum of two years (see below).

Top candidates for full-time doctoral study may receive an assistantship stipend in addition to tuition.  DAGSI assistantships for the 2008/2009 academic year are $21,000 for new and continuing students.  At the discretion of the engineering deans, the highest ranked applicants may be offered additional funding through faculty research grants or other university, college, or department sources.  A student applying for a tuition plus assistantship award must be either a new Ph.D. student starting summer or fall term OR a first year Ph.D. student at the time of application.  Students in the second year of their doctoral program or beyond at the time of application are ineligible for a tuition plus assistantship award.

Note that a full-time Ph.D. student who applies for but does not receive an assistantship will be considered for a tuition-only award.

Each application is evaluated by DAGSI using the following criteria:


NOTE:  The section that follows is NEW INFORMATION as of January 2008.  Please read the next section carefully.

DAGSI has implemented some important changes to the scholarship award structure and requirements, effective immediately with the 2008 scholarship competition.  Because DAGSI awards are funded by the state of Ohio, DAGSIís objectives must be consistent with the stateís objectives.  As noted above, DAGSI will take alignment of a studentís research interests with state and regional technology focus areas into account when evaluating applicants.  In addition, the state now looks at how effective its agencies are at identifying and generating funding from additional sources.  Therefore, DAGSI will partner with faculty and with business and industry to share in the support of each assistantship student for his/her full academic program.  Tuition-only students are asked to share information on the source(s) of their non-DAGSI funding, which will provide a clearer picture of the full impact and effectiveness of DAGSIís scholarship program.

DAGSIís objective is to support each scholarship recipient for two years of his or her graduate program.  Effective immediately with the 2008 scholarship competition, a student who receives a DAGSI award will receive one year of funding, for the next academic year.  To receive the second year of funding, all new scholarship students are required to complete an additional step during their first year of funding, as follows:

Note that, for Ph.D. students, the second year of DAGSI support may be used at any time during the studentís tenure.  Upon receiving a DAGSI award, the student will receive his/her first year of support from DAGSI for the next academic year.  The second year may immediately follow the first, or the student may choose to use the second year of DAGSI support at a later time in his/her program, depending on the timing of other funding sources.

ř    These changes apply to applicants in the March 2008 award cycle (for support for academic year 2008/2009).  Students already holding a DAGSI scholarship will continue under the original terms of their awards.

Again, DAGSIís objective is to support each scholarship recipient for two years.  Students compete once, at the time of application, but they do have to complete the second step in order to receive their second year of DAGSI funding.  These changes will enable DAGSI to support top students whose research aligns with regional and state initiatives, strengthening our workforce development efforts.  Also, the changes better align DAGSI with major goals and initiatives for state-funded agencies.

As before, a studentís academic performance must meet DAGSI, university, graduate school, and department standards for continuity of DAGSI support.  The performance of each scholarship student will be reviewed by the Home Institution and by DAGSI each year while the student is under DAGSI support.  Any student not meeting the minimum criteria will be required to develop and implement an improvement plan, under the guidance of his or her advisor.  Failure to improve within one or two terms will result in loss of the DAGSI scholarship.

If a DAGSI Ph.D. scholarship student applies for and receives an AFRL/DAGSI Fellowship, the Fellowship term will be reduced by the length of time the student has held a DAGSI scholarship.  For example, if he/she has held a DAGSI scholarship for one year and receives an AFRL/DAGSI award, the maximum number of years for the Fellowship is two.  A full-time student with a Ph.D. tuition-only award may, in his/her first year, apply for tuition plus assistantship.  However, the total number of years of Ph.D. support remains two, so the assistantship award would last a maximum of one year.  In general, a student holding an expiring DAGSI scholarship may not reapply once his or her scholarship term has been fulfilled.  However, a student with a DAGSI M.S. tuition scholarship may apply for a Ph.D. tuition or tuition plus assistantship award and receive the full two years at the Ph.D. level.

The availability of scholarship awards and the length of time they may be held always are contingent upon the continued support of DAGSI by the state of Ohio.


Continuity of Enrollment While Holding a DAGSI Award

DAGSI scholarships are funded by the state of Ohio.  DAGSI has a responsibility to ensure that the students supported maintain acceptable academic records and make good progress toward completion of their degrees.  Therefore, the DAGSI Operating Committee has instituted the following policy. 

Students receiving scholarship support must be enrolled full- or part-time every term, with the exception of summer term for tuition-only scholarship students.  Full-time Ph.D. students with assistantships must enroll year-round.  Any scholarship student who fails to enroll for a term or semester without having petitioned in advance for a deferral of the DAGSI award (see below) will lose the scholarship immediately.  In other words, if a studentís name is not on the active list we receive from the university each term and there is no petition on file, the scholarship will be terminated.

Only under special circumstances may a student take time off without the loss of his or her DAGSI scholarship (e.g., a death in the family; a medical issue; or job-related issues, for part-time students in particular).  Other extenuating circumstances may apply.  Any student faced with an emergency requiring a leave of absence from the graduate school must contact the Dean of Engineering at his or her Home Institution as soon as possible to initiate a petition requesting a deferral of the DAGSI scholarship.  The Dean and the DAGSI Director will consider such petitions on a case-by-case basis.


Applying for a DAGSI Competitive Tuition Scholarship


1.  Select your desired Home Institution (AFIT, UD, or WSU), the degree you plan to pursue (MS or Ph.D., full- or part-time), and your intended field of study (e.g., electrical engineering).  Click here for contacts and courses at DAGSI partner schools. 


2.       Apply and be admitted to the Graduate Engineering School at your chosen Home Institution.  DAGSI will not award scholarships to applicants who have not been admitted or received "Conditional Upon Graduation" admittance to their Home Institution.  Your application to graduate school is SEPARATE FROM, and should not be mailed with, the DAGSI competitive scholarship application.  Please note that the application process and deadline for admission varies with each institution.  Follow the process established by your particular Home Institution.  You must be admitted to your graduate program prior to March 10.  Proof of admittance is required as part of the application package; details are provided in the introductory section of the scholarship application form.


3.       Complete the DAGSI competitive scholarship application on-line and submit it electronically as instructed on the form.  Assemble your supporting documents (transcripts, reference letters, proof of admittance, and any other documents you feel support your application) and send them TOGETHER, IN ONE PACKAGE, DIRECTLY to DAGSI, where they will be added to your application.  Everything must be received at DAGSI by the due date, typically March 10 for the supporting documents and March 15 for the completed on-line application (see current Program Schedule for exact dates). 


Note:  if a student applies to and is admitted to more than one DAGSI institution, the DAGSI Operating Committee has the discretion to decide which institution the award will be associated with.  An effort will be made to give the student his or her first choice; however, the final decision will be made by DAGSI.  Once the decision is made, DAGSI will not transfer the award to another institution prior to the studentís enrollment in a graduate program.  For example, if a student applies to and is admitted to both UD and WSU, the DAGSI Operating Committee has the discretion to determine which school the award will go to.  If the award must go to UD because of DAGSIís requirements, but the studentís first choice is WSU, the student must forfeit the award and reapply the following year.


If a scholarship student begins his or her program at one DAGSI school but decides to transfer to another DAGSI school, the student must request permission from both Deans of Engineering to transfer the scholarship award.


Competitive Scholarship Application Form


Competitive Scholarship Program Schedule 




DAGSI recognizes that part-time Ph.D. students, who work while attending school, face special challenges in completing their dissertation research.  A special provision has been made for part-time Ph.D. students who have completed coursework, passed qualifying exams, and been admitted to Ph.D. candidacy.


Please see the Dean of Engineering at your Home Institution if you are eligible and wish to pursue this option.



Full tuition scholarships are available for up to two courses per term taken by a student outside his or her Home Institution.  These scholarships are intended to extend the benefit of the DAGSI partnership to students outside the full tuition program, enabling them to enrich their studies by taking classes at any member school.

Scholarships are available for courses that strengthen a student's program and/or are unavailable at the Home Institution.  The scholarships are available only to degree-seeking graduate engineering students at one of the DAGSI partner institutions.  Eligibility requirements are simply that the student is in good standing at his or her Home Institution.  The course (s) must be approved by the student's faculty advisor and subsequently by the Dean of the school of engineering at the student's Home Institution.  Awards are made on a first come/first serve basis until DAGSI funds allocated to each school for Program Enhancement are exhausted.

The process is initiated by the student using the Program Enhancement Application Form (below) prior to class registration, in consultation with the faculty advisor.  The student must also fill out a DAGSI Cross Registration Form, available on-line or from the Registrar's Office at the Home Institution.  The advisor, in turn, consults with the Dean of Engineering.  The Dean will make the final decision, taking into consideration the overall goals of DAGSI, the availability of the desired course, the faculty advisor's recommendation, the student's justification, and the availability of funding.

Program Enhancement Scholarships are course-specific.  If a student wants to drop an already-approved course and sign up for a different one, he or she must fill out a DAGSI Drop Form and reapply for a scholarship through the faculty advisor and Dean.  Continuity of funding in this situation is not guaranteed.

Program Enhancement Application Form


Please note the following guidelines and criteria for the use of DAGSI tuition scholarship funds, taken from DAGSI Operating Procedure  OP-08.  These apply both to competitive tuition scholarships and program enhancement scholarships.

Click here for DAGSI operating procedures on competitive and program enhancement scholarships.

Questions?  Call us directly at (937) 781-4001, e-mail to , fax us at (937) 781-4005, or write to the Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute, 3155 Research Blvd. Ste. 205, Kettering OH 45420.


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